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August 29, 2023

Pickering City Centre Launching September 13th! Get Price List, Floor Plans & More Here!

Pickering City Centre Launching September 13th!

It is finally happening...Pickering City Centre will be launching on September 13th and the hype keeps on building. And for good reason as well; CentreCourt takes centre stage in Pickering as they begin the ambitious transformation of downtown Pickering. This project is something long overdue in Pickering and Durham Region as there is a severe shortage of condos in Durham Region.

OneDrive Link for Price List, Floor Plans, Deposit Schedule and More!

Discover The Best Pricing in the GTA...Priced Lower than Resale Market

It is no surprise that due to recent interest rate hikes and inflation that the real estate market has taken a downturn. The current prices reflect that downturn and for the first time in a decade, new condo developments are showing lower prices. But other than interest rate hikes and inflation, what drove real estate prices down? Nothing, and both inflation and high interest rates are not going to be here forever. You know what is going to stay? Our housing shortage issue in Ontario and Canada in general. Along with new condo prices dropping, Ontario saw the lowest amount of housing projects starts in decades as well. So the supply problem hasn't changed, yet we keep setting records for immigration every year without plans of stopping. This is an equation for the housing prices to go back up once again! Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to buy an amazing property while prices are down!

At these prices, Pickering City Centre Tower 1 is expected to sell out in a few days. Where else (even in the resale market!) can you find a deal like this?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get in at the ground level...

The Floor Plans are Here! Very functional layouts with Modern Finishes

Take a look at the floor plans recently released. Well known for optimizing space in unison with providing top tier finishes, CentreCourt has made its name by providing properties that buyers and investors love. This is no different for Pickering City Centre. The floor plans currently go up to 2 BR / 2 WR layouts with potentially 3 BR layouts coming soon. The 3 BR layouts will likely be concentrated to the podium units. For now, here are the Tower floor plans for Pickering City Centre Tower #1!

Each design is thoughtful and efficient. No waste of space and effective use of window space. These properties accurately reflect what aoptimal condo should be from the space, to the finishes to the airy, open feeling as you enter your home.

Amazing Deposit Schedule... 20% over 2 years!

Ask anyone who has had some experience in purchasing a pre-construction home and they will let you know that an extended deposit schedule is optimal. If the schedule is too rushed, it can put a strain on the buyers to come up with the money. Pickering City Centre has an incredible deposit schedule extended over 2 years, which is unheard of for a project that is so highly anticipated. Essentially the builder is completely understanding to the current financial climate and giving anyone who is interested a chance to get a property at Pickering City Centre at a great price.

Pickering City Centre is offering one of the best initial release deposit schedules we have ever seen. Especially for a project with this much hype, typically the deposit schedule would be half of what they are offering. This is amazing for buyers as it will give them more time to get funds, see the project come together and also see their investment rise in value with subsequent releases of towers at Pickering City Centre!

Pickering City Centre is Launching on September 13th but you should submit your worksheets now!

Contact Chris Gunness to get Priority Access to Pickering City Centre Tower #1. Worksheet Submission has already started, get your worksheet in today!